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How many friends should I invite?

The more the merrier!  We have different tasting pack sizes catering from just 1 person to 16 people, but don’t worry if you invite more – just add the packs together!


How long does a beer tasting party last?

Our experience tells us that to taste all the beers in the case you’re looking at about a couple of hours


Will the pack contain the same beer as on the image?

Not always as we're regularly finding new beer we want you to explore


How far in advance should I plan my party and order?

Whilst we’d love to think your friends would come around at the drop of a hat, we usually advise to give them a couple of weeks’ notice.  We’ll have the beer to you in good time so you can get everything ready and our usual delivery times are 3-5 working days from placing the order.


Do I need to provide anything?

In the pack we send you, we’ll tell you everything you need but don’t worry, there’s nothing you won’t have anyway.  The most important thing you need to provide is a good group of friends who want to have a great night tasting beer!


If I book another party, will I get the same beer again?

If you select a different pack then no you won't, but if you order the same style of pack again then make sure you log into your account when you order your next pack and our team will make sure they select a different range for you.


What if I, or one of my friends really like a particular beer?

Dead simple – they place an order for one, two, three or even more cases through our “Just beer” section on the website


What happens if when I come to order a beer I like it is out of stock?

We're getting deliveries every few days so it won't be long before it's back in stock.  You can save all the items in your basket and we suggest you drop us a message and we'll notify you when the beer comes back in stock.


What happens if I don’t like one of the beers?

We appreciate that everyone’s taste is different so accept that you may not always enjoy all of the beers.  The whole idea of the tasting party is that you are letting your taste buds explore a range of beers you wouldn’t normally try